How to apply online for ICICI Bank Saving Account

How to apply online for ICICI Bank Saving Account: If you want to apply online for ICICI bank savings account, so read this article, completely it will help for you to apply online ICICI savings account. Well, those people who want to keep their money liquid even as it earns interest, then a savings bank account option is the very best option for them. The bank is preferred many kinds of savings account to people, according to their need. A savings account is the straightforward account, it account extremely beneficial for common man, which amount you deposited in your bank account so the bank is given interest on this amount. Mostly people want to apply online for ICICI bank savings account but they don’t know about procedure to apply online for ICICI bank savings account. Here we are providing to you procedure to apply online foe ICICI bank saving account.

Types of ICICI savings account

ICICI bank is provided many kinds of savings account, modified as per particulars needs and requirements. Here mentioned types of ICICI savings account are:

  • Titanium Privilege Account:
    This saving accounts is offered lots of banking benefits for you and your family associate also include as like discounts on annual lockers rentals, free debit card, proposal facility and cash multiplier facility will give you an simple and different banking skill.
  • Gold Privilege Account :
    this account is made for especially savings money easier, this account is a savings account, and also features of a series of service is designed to provide to customers are allowed for a free gold freedom debit card and limitless cash withdrawal transactions at any bank ATM.
  • Silver Savings Account
    Silver savings account is given different benefits as like low locker rental, demand draft rate waiver, free “anyplace depository” facility and SMS alerts facility with this customers – centric savings account system ICICI.
  • Regular savings Account
    Furthermore a usual savings account, when opened with ICICI, comes with a collection of opportunity and benefits. Get right to use to money multiplier service elegant shopper silver debit card and other Visa benefits by opening this regular savings account.
  • Pockets savings Account:
    This account is very different “digital bank” and this is a practical place to save your money and you can use this any time when you needed. Customers of any bank can make a pockets account directly begin using it to send and receive money from anyone.
  • Young Star Account
    Any junior above the age of 10 can open and activate the young stars account all by himself or herself, parents can also use this account to plan their child’s need. A individual status direction service to debit money from parents account to young star account is also accessible.
  • Advantage woman savings account
    this account is provided to special and eager offers, and also this account is brought many features as like nothing balance service.
  • Basic savings account
    basic saving account is Zero balance savings account and also there is no any charges on ICICI debit card, basic savings account are operated under Prime Minister Jan Dhan Yojna. This account will also get a free passbook, free modified RUPAY Debit card and free Cheque leaves.

How to apply online ICICI bank savings account

  1. Visit the official website of ICICI bank, which is
  2. Then click apply online saving account.
  3. After that you will have to insert your Adhaar number, in case of when you are not remember your Adhaar number, so you have to enter your name, valid email ID and phone number.
  4. Then you will have to enter your personal, communication details and document details after inserting all information completely, enter the OTP.
  5. Now your ICICI bank saving account would be opened.

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