How to activate ICICI Net Banking

How to activate ICICI Net Banking: ICICI bank is biggest private sector bank which is provided lots of facilities to its customer that’s why a lot of people have account in ICICI bank. We are sure that you all want to do transaction through online without going bank which is very easy for you. So here we are providing that how to activate ICICI Net Banking for the User of ICICI bank. From this article we will show every step how you can activate internet bank and which is a necessary use now – a days in every feature and almost every bank provides this facilities either government or private. Due to this features of the bank, many advantages get to this. A person does not have to visit the bank they can do online everything which is related to the bank. Well, mostly people does not know about ICICI Net banking so before going that, we want to clear about internet banking uses.

Explanation about internet banking and uses

Mostly people known as this system is Internet banking but it is also known as e – banking or online banking, which is an electronic payment system, used for communication from banks to users and coming to the uses day by day e – shopping has been growing all thing and it is going online like recharging mobile phones, buying mobiles and clothes. So for doing all this thing online you will have to activate internet banking features. Those people, who are already customers of ICICI bank account and they want to get easy their bank transaction so, in this article, we are giving to you some steps to followed this you can activate your ICICI Net Banking.

Procedure to activate ICICI Net Banking by visiting ICICI branches

  1. First of all, you have to download the ICICI Net Banking application form and take the printout of it.
  2. Then fill the application form with the correct information in the application form.
  3. After that, you will have to visit the ICICI branch to submit the application form.
  4. Afterward your Net banking service and will get User ID and password of your maintaining account.
  5. Then your account will be activated within 24 hours.
  6. Then visit the ICICI net banking site and insert the username and password provided and click on submit and you can change the username and password later.

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